Ahead of the game at the Trinatronics competition

At this year’s mechatronics competition Trinatronics, organized by the trinational university alliance TriRhenaTech, students from the three KTUR partner universities DHBW Lörrach, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and Université Haute Alsace Mulhouse won the two prizes in mixed teams. An outstanding success!

TriRhenaTech – the alliance of universities of applied sciences in the Upper Rhine region – successfully held the Trinatronics competition for mechatronic systems, even under COVID conditions. A total of 39 students from Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, Trier University of Applied Sciences, DHBW Lörrach, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) as well as ENSISA Mulhouse and Université Haute Alsace Mulhouse (France) participated. “That’s twice as many as in previous years,” said a delighted Prof. Dr. Crispino Bergamaschi, deputy spokesman for TriRhena-Tech, president of the FHNW directorate and initiator of the new competition concept.

In the end, the first prize of 1500 euros went to the Laika team: three students from UHA Mulhouse and one student from DHBW Lörrach, all four enrolled in the Trinational Mechatronics course, jointly developed a four-legged robot that can collect environmentally relevant data such as altitude, temperature and air pressure as well as toxic gases.

© Lucas Gigondan (Laika)
Mini Anne
© Philippe Fotos Licht (Reanimationspuppe Mini Anne)

The second prize of 500 euros went to the Mini Anne team: two students from DHBW Lörrach and FHNW respectively, also enrolled in the Trinational Mechatronics course, developed a low-cost resuscitation doll for just 136.67 euros with the help of a sensor upgrade kit. This gives developing countries the same chance of education in first aid as with the expensive reanimation dolls used in western industrialized countries. The project was developed in consultation with medical professionals from Germany, Switzerland, Mali and South Africa.

Both prizes were sponsored by the Franco-German Business Club Upper Rhine (CAFA-RSO). The award ceremony is scheduled to take place later this year in person.

The Trinatronics competition is a measure of the INTERREG project MINT-Ing and is co-financed by the TriRhenaTech universities and the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF).