What opportunities result from KTUR for the network and the entire region? Watch here.

Become part of the network!

12 project partners plus numerous companies, trade associations and transfer actors engage in the KTUR project. With the support of industry and society, we are able to establish a unique trinational network for long-term cross-border cooperation in the field of knowledge and technology transfer.

The projects developed within KTUR offer many opportunities to participate in KTUR and to stay in touch. What we have to offer:

    • Events and trainings for founders as well as a founders guide for the entire Upper Rhine region.
    • A trinational continuing education program to transfer the latest research results to industry via education.
    • A digital platform that represents knowledge and technology transfer under a label of the Upper Rhine and with an international outreach.
    • Smaller transfer events addressing industry and intermediaries with various topics from all partners.
    • A big innovation event in 2022 with all partners and of course guests from all three countries.
    • Several meetings of the staff of the partners to learn from and more about each other and especially about how knowledge and technology transfer works at the institutions and countries.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our events!

Be part of a success story

To stay informed and to learn what might be interesting for you, check out our website regularly, follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to the KTUR newsletter. We will keep you up to date with what is going on in the project and what dates and events are coming up. We will also share interesting information from the partners themselves: new technologies and research results, news about people and many other topics. Attention: From October 2022 on, KTUR will be on pause and with it our communications and marketing activities.