Digital Platform for Knowledge & Tech Transfer – “Faster, better, easier and more transparent KTT”

Led by the question: “How can we improve knowledge and tech transfer activities in the Upper Rhine valley, to bridge academic discoveries and needs from the industry?”, the KTUR team has worked closely together on building a digital platform for KTT. The platform aims to highlight the regional excellence and uniqueness, to provide easy access to the collaboration opportunities and to enhance the visibility of existing and future collaborations. The platform will enable a direct outreach and exchange between the users and the people in, around, and behind such KTT opportunities.

Ultimately, the platform should boost more cross-border projects between academia and industry and bring value to the stakeholders, regionally and, why not, globally.  

In the last 6 months, the team has identified key users, contents and functionalities. Initially, the platform will highlight projects and innovators in two or three areas of excellence (e.g. “Energy Systems in Transition”, “Future of Medical Devices and Technologies”, “Sustainable Chemistry and Environmental Protection”). Then, gradually, the platform plans to add extended functionalities, such as: events, continuous educations, offers of the KTUR network, and guidelines for tri-national start-ups.

NCCR Quantum
NCCR Quantum@UniBas
EnergyLab 2.0
EnergyLab 2.0 @KIT

The first closed beta version is planned to launch in fall and an open to the public beta version is planned to launch in the beginning of 2022 at the latest.

Stay tuned to take a look at the new KTUR platform and to connect with academia and industry from the whole Upper Rhine valley!