Exceptional guests for a day of innovation

The Innovation Day Upper Rhine will host prestigious speakers such as Professor Luc Soler. Discover more about the line-up of the event!

Innovation Day Upper is also an opportunity to meet personalities with inspiring backgrounds. To close the day, we will have the honor of welcoming and listening to Luc Soler, CEO of Visible Patient, Professor associated with the Endocrine and Digestive Surgical team of Professor Didier Mutter in Les Hopitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg , Member of the Académie Française de Chirurgie.

Luc Soler
Professor Luc Soler is a guest speaker at the Innovation Day (Credits: Luc Soler)

Luc Soler is a specialist in computer science research, applied to medicine, and has been developing  cutting-edge digital tools to assist surgeons and to save lives for more than 20 years.

After two years of medicine, and a detour into pediatric surgery, Luc Soler studied computer science in Tours and then in Paris at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Informatique from which he graduated in 1994. He then turned to medical informatics and completed his thesis at INRIA on a project supported by IRCAD.

He then became R&D director at IRCAD, and initiated the collaboration between the Image and Computer Science Research Unit of Strasbourg (now ICube). Associate Professor at the Strasbourg Faculty of Medicine, he also created and heads a start-up company, Visible Patient. This online service offers surgeons a digital clone of each patient, reconstructed in 3D from medical images. A tool to visualize precisely the patient’s anatomy, define the best therapeutic strategy and simulate the operation. A project he started in 1995 with his thesis.  (Source: Alumni UniStra)

You will also find other prestigious guests discussing innovation in the Upper Rhine region during our plenary sessions: