Discover the first highlights of the Innovation Day!

The program of the Innovation Day Upper Rhine is gradually being unveiled. Discover here the first highlights of this exceptional trinational day which will take place on 12 April 2022 at the Palais Universitaire in Strasbourg.

 On April 12, at the Palais Universitaire in Strasbourg, for this first trinational event, 12 universities of the Upper Rhine and 100 companies partners of the KTUR project invite you in partnership with DeepTech Tour of Bpifrance for a full day of exchanges, knowledge sharing and meetings around technology transfer in the Upper Rhine area.

Banner Innovation Day Upper Rhine

For this exceptional day, which will bring together researchers, start-ups, companies, students and founders, we have designed a tailor-made program to inspire and connect.

We present you in exclusivity, the titles of the three main plenaries:

“Deep Tech, Deep Impact”: How to build a trinational deeptech ecosystem?

“How to face the changes of tomorrow”:  Sustainable development & social entrepreneurship (Corporate social responsability) Sustainable development: Challenges for our society and the development of companies

“Health innovation”: Innovation, high-level research, serendipity… How academic research creates disruptive innovations in health.

Among the rich program to come, over 15 workshops will be presented, here are the first ones validated:

  • Success factors for cross-border collaboration between industry and science in the Upper Rhine region.
  • European opportunities for RDI funding :the tri-national context
  • Artificial intelligence in health
  • Greentech solutions as business opportunities
  • The impact of artificial intelligence and digitalization on small and medium-sized industrial companies
  • How to adapt your invention to market needs
  • From idea to market based on the technology readiness system
  • MEdTECH: from science to solution

And several other workshops on Deeptech, green tech and on the keys to success of a deep tech start-up.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned, the rest of te program is coming soon!