Innovation events

University of Freiburg

At the Freiburg Science Fair, the University of Freiburg, the University Hospital and other universities, research institutions and innovative companies present research and innovation “hands-on” in several tents in the city centre of Freiburg every two years.
The experts explain their work using descriptive experiments and activities.

The association “Academia meets Industry e.V.” brings students of pharmacy together with the pharmaceutical industry and partners in science. The aim is on the one hand to improve networking and on the other hand to gain insight into the daily work of companies in the pharmaceutical industry. For this purpose, special event formats were designed.

With the aim of promoting the exchange between industry and science and initiating cooperation, so-called “Transfer Sessions” and “Science Days” are implemented under the umbrella of the Sustainability Center Freiburg (LZN):
With the Science Days, the LZN offers companies a tailor-made 1:1 information and exchange event on topics of interest.
Transfer Sessions address scientific and technological issues of the members of an association. The entire spectrum of scientific and technological competence of the Freiburg location is made available to the members of the association in a compact and concentrated form.