Innovative and award-winning business ideas at the “Walk of the Best”

From A for Albupad to S for SparthaMedical: At the “Walk of the Best” at the Innovation Day Upper Rhine, eight French, German and Swiss start-ups from the Upper Rhine region showed their innovative potential. “Start-ups are the driving engine for regional, supra-regional, but also transnational economic development and are therefore particularly worthy of attention,” said Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch, Director of ZIFET at the University of Koblenz-Landau and one of the idea generators of the “Walk of the Best” format. The requirement for participation in the Walk: start-ups that had already demonstrated their potential in (supra)regional business competitions and received awards for it. “Innovative young people with impressive ideas, a great atmosphere and trinational discussion partners – from our point of view a successful combination,” emphasizes Nita Buchholz from ZIFET, one of the organizers of the Walk of the Best.

Walk of the Best Trophy at the Innovation Day
Walk of the Best trophy (Credits: Kerstin Theilmann)
Stefan Beck from greenventory (Credits: Nicolas Busser)

Stefan Beck, Data Scientist with start-up greenventory and Walk of the Best participant in the “Sustainability” category, was enthusiastic about the opportunity to exchange ideas with start-ups from both sides of the border: “The KTUR Innovation Day is the optimal forum to exchange ideas and network with other players in a similar environment.” Cross-border collaboration is greatly facilitated and fruitful as a result, he said. Similar start-ups in France and Switzerland had comparable experiences and challenges – especially when working with cities, which meant that the exchange provided greenventory with learning opportunities and new potential. “Overall, it was very exciting for us to see the full innovation potential in the region and to learn more about each other’s perspectives during the discussions.”

Curious? More information about the inspiring business ideas of the participating start-ups is available online:

Category “Deep Tech”


Category “Health Innovation”


Category “Sustainability”


Walk of the Best Category DeepTech
Walk of the Best "DeepTech" (Credits: Nicolas Busser)
Walk of the Best "Sustainability"
Walk of the Best "Sustainability" (Credits: Nicolas Busser)
Walk of the Best "Health"
Walk of the Best "Health Innovation" (Credits: nicolas Busser)