Course of the project

A lively exchange between science and business is the key to the successful economic development of a region. The targeted use of research output from universities by the industry creates unique innovations and solutions for the public good.

The Upper Rhine metropolitan region in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland has outstanding innovation potential. In addition to a large number of efficient companies and start-ups, numerous universities are at home here and conduct top-level research in a wide range of disciplines. Thousands of clever minds generate new knowledge and innovative inventions every day along the Upper Rhine. Research provides companies in the region with a variety of excellent results and findings, which they can use for production and value creation.


To ensure that existing knowledge and potential solutions do not remain unused, six universities and six universities of applied sciences from the Upper Rhine Valley established a cross-border network with trade associations and companies. Through regular exchange, the partners share their knowledge and expertise and jointly develop trinational structures and activities. The aim is to bring science and business in the region closer together in order to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and technology and to learn even more from and with each other. In this way, it will be possible to enable short innovation cycles and to exploit potential synergies for the entire Upper Rhine region.


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