Continuing education

In today’s society, continuing education, training, and development are assuming an ever-greater degree of importance. Continuing education offers you the opportunity to update your professional knowledge, to qualify for new tasks and assignments, and to respond proactively to changing professional requirements.

Besides conducting excellent research, the universities in the Upper Rhine region also offer numerous high-quality continuing education programs in various disciplines. These include accredited part-time programs designed to be integrated with an existing work schedule, certified courses and seminars, individual lectures, and consulting services. Thanks to the different specializations of the individual institutions, the course offerings cover a broad spectrum of subjects. The programs emphasize practical, application-oriented content derived from research and technology, adapted to the needs of regional industries. Some universities also offer individual continuing education courses for companies, for example, in the form of in-house training.

The universities on the Upper Rhine are planning an even more extensive bundling of their competencies in the area of further education in the upcoming years, with the objective of creating joint opportunities for further education and qualification. The aim is to create a quality-assured, cross-border offering that enjoys recognition in the Upper Rhine region.

You can find an overview of current offerings from the universities in the Upper Rhine region here: