Continuing education

Further training is of great importance in our today’s society. They offer you the opportunity to update your professional knowledge, to qualify for new tasks and to react to changing professional requirements.

The universities in the Upper Rhine region not only engage in excellent research, but also offer numerous high-quality continuing education programs for various disciplines. These include accredited job-integrating and part-time study courses, certified courses and seminars, individual lectures and consulting services. Thanks to the different focal points of the individual institutions, the courses offered cover a broad spectrum of subjects. The focus is on practical and application-oriented content from research and technology, which is adapted to the needs of the regional industry. Some universities also offer individual continuing education courses for companies, for example in the form of in-house training.

In the upcoming years, the universities on the Upper Rhine plan to bundle their competencies in the area of further education even more and want to create joint further education and qualification opportunities. The aim is to create a cross-border offering that is quality assured and recognised in the Upper Rhine region.

You can find an overview of current offers from the universities in the Upper Rhine region here:

University of Basel

The continuing education programs of the University of Basel are oriented towards specific academic career profiles. They are also structured so that working professionals can complete them on a part-time basis. Innovative learning methods help individuals to engage and promote learning success. The university’s Advanced Studies programs thus consolidate the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge produced by research and the proven knowledge and abilities of students. Through contact with fellow learners and lecturers, students also expand their professional and personal network. Another aspect of part-time continuing education for professionals at the University of Basel is that study days are organized around students’ professional time constraints.

University of Freiburg

Freiburg Academy (FRAUW) is a transfer-oriented competence centre for training and continuing education at the University of Freiburg. Stakeholders from society and business can initiate and find professional and interdisciplinary as well as occupational and personal qualification here, online and in presence. The Sustainability Center Freiburg currently offers in-service training in the fields of energy and resilience in order to train specialists in the relevant sectors with the latest technical solutions and standards.

Furtwangen University

The HFU Academy offers continuing education for different target groups and in different formats: From extra-occupational courses of studies over seminars for working persons and in-house qualifications for companies up to the internal further training of the HFU. The format varies depending upon offer from the classical lecture over trainings and expert workshops up to the Blended Learning offer and online course.

University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern

The existing degree courses and other forms of scientific education are largely offered by the Hochschule Kaiserslautern and the affiliated academic institutions as part-time courses for professionals as well. The needs of businesses and participants should be econciled with the requirements of an academic education and the university’s competencies and resources in the best way possible. So we motivate companies to contribute to the planning of the offered academic courses.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

At the KIT, continuing education takes place in the institute’s own training center for technology and environment. Further seminars are offered by the Academy for Scientific Continuing Education Karlsruhe and the National Institute for Science Communication. At the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management, young talents can complete six education programs for full-time employees that lead to a master’s degree.

Karlsruhe University of applied sciences

As the third pillar of the university, further education and lifelong learning benefits directly from the expertise of the professors in teaching and research. The Institute for Scientific Continuing Education at the university is adapted to the needs of working people and offers a wide range of courses, from extra-occupational master’s courses to certificate studies and seminars.

University of Koblenz Landau

You wish to pursue further training in the fields of environmental sciences, energy management, human resources and organisation, corporate communications, business administration or patent and innovation protection while working? Than you can find the right offer at the Zentrum für Fernstudien und Universitäre Weiterbildung (ZFUW) at the University of Koblenz-Landau. For about 20 years, the ZFUW has been offering master’s and certificate courses tailored to the needs of the working world. Curious?

Université de Haute-Alsace

SERFA is the continuing professional education organization of the University of Haute Alsace. It offers a catalog of professional training courses and diploma courses for adults which can be declined and adapted in an intra-company formula. The center can also develop tailor-made programs in many fields.

University of applied sciences nothwestern Switzerland

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland offers a wide range of continuing education courses at all 9 sub-universities. Among other things, the School of Business offers four two-year international MBA programmes and twelve Master of Advanced Studies, while the School of Engineering offers continuing education in areas such as automation, digital industry and electronics.

Offenburg University of Applied Sciences

The IWW – Institute for Scientific Continuing Education is in charge of continuing education at the Hochschule Offenburg. With the support of teaching staff, the IWW develops an offer that covers all the areas of competence of the university. This offer is adapted to the requirements of companies, both in terms of the content offered and the structure of the training courses, in order to be compatible with the exercise of a professional activity.

University of Strasburg

With 900 catalogue courses, the Service de Formation Continue (SFC) offers the largest range of university continuing education courses in France, an offer that is constantly evolving to meet the new needs of companies and employees. The SFC helps you choose training courses, designing tailor-made training courses and developing and deploying training strategies adapted to the needs of your organisation.


For more information about trinational continuing education offers, please contact:

Romina Junk

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Institute for scientific continuing education

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