Starting a Business

University of Freiburg

The start-up office supports people interested in setting up a company at the University of Freiburg, regardless of industry, by providing founded advice, qualifying them with a wide range of further training on start-up topics and offering individual coaching. In doing so, it always creates opportunities for exchange and networking between those interested in setting up a company, start-ups, student initiatives and experts.

As a student university group, the Foundersclub Freiburg is very close to students and young scientists of all disciplines. Over the course of the year, the club produces a large number of creative formats (from small workshops and start-up discussions to very elaborate idea competitions), which sensitise and animate for the topic of founding.

The “Startinsland” start-up initiative has been joined by all relevant players who are active in the Freiburg start-up milieu – from consulting to financing. The landing page presents concrete offers, but also start-ups that have been established in the region over the last few years. In addition, there are events and formats such as the “Gründerwoche” and the “Start-up Summit”, which are jointly supported and marketed by the partners.