SPARK: Trinational ideas competition – learn from successful local entrepreneurs and transform your ideas into viable products

The successful SPARK ideas competition of the Foundersclub Freiburg will take place from 15th of May – 17th of July 2021 – now as a trinational event within the framework of the KTUR project. At the ideas competition last year in 2020 80 students from different disciplines, took part to develop start-up projects based on cool ideas. During the program, the students – from computer science, design to classical business studies – worked together in teams. 13 exciting projects resulted from the competition.

The digital startup competition empowers students from all KTUR partner universities to transform the boldest ideas into viable products with real world impact. Students with different backgrounds are invited to participate: Computer Science, Design and many more. They will also have the chance to learn from successful local entrepreneurs which will guide them through the first steps as you develop your initial idea to a working business model. It should be noted here that the term business model is broadly defined. Business models that are financed by donations or public funds are also welcome! The plan is to get ready for a 10-week journey with plenty of insights and the chance to connect with the most interesting people from the Upper Rhine Region. Who knows, maybe your future co-founder is among the fellow participants!


  • Kickoff
  • Customer Needs + Value Proposition
  • Market Research
  • Who, Where and What is Your Market?
  • Validation
  • Social Impact Measurement
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Funding
  • Website
  • Pitch Training
  • Demo Day

To whom the competition is addressed

The competition is aimed exclusively at students. The complementary composition of a team is a key factor for its success. To ensure that every team has the abilities to build a working prototype there are multiple categories of participants, to which you can assign yourself when registering: Creative, Tech, Business, Ecological, Social, Wild Cards


SPARK awards prizes in three categories: Sustainability, Scalability and Social Impact. Each reward is associated with a trophy money of 2.000,- €. However, the focus of this event is on cooperation and peer learning. Students will benefit from learning strategies and techniques of other participating teams!

The application is open until 1st of May. Apply now!